Does Home Insurance Cover Garage Door Repair?

Homeowners want to keep their bases covered, which is why many protect the home with insurance. And every homeowners knows that garage door repair is a big part of the long-term cost of property upkeep.

Garage doors serves as one of the main entryways in your house; in some cases, they even become the main door for household members. But what can you do if you suffer a break-in? Or if a hurricane causes a tree to fall on your garage? You’d want immediate but affordable professional help.

Because garage door repair is crucial, you should determine if your home insurance covers garage door repair. This way, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a cushion from steep costs if unexpected damage occurs.

Home Insurance For Garage Door Repair - What's Covered?

Is garage door repair covered by home insurances? It depends. Here are a few scenarios in which the typical home insurance policy will cover the garage door repair claim:


Home insurance usually covers any damage caused by a break-in. Broken windows, doors, and compromised garage door system will be restored in good condition under the policy.

One important tip is to increase your home insurance if you plan to store valuables in your garage. If you can, set up the home insurance to cover the cost of unrecoverable stolen property. And if you are in a high-risk area of theft, you may want to upgrade the automated controls, security lock, and keyless entry of your garage doors.

Damage From Vehicle

Drunken parking attempt? Or just rushing to and from the garage? Many homeowners have accidentally hit their garage doors with their cars – it’s an unexpected cost that you’ll be glad to be covered by home insurances.

Most standard policies cover garage door repair of this kind. But if someone else (e.g., a neighborhood) accidentally hits your garage doors, that will NOT be covered by your home insurance. Instead, the claim will have to be requested from the auto insurance of the person who hit the garage door.

If you end up with a hit-and-run situation, or the doors are damaged by an uninsured driver, you can also fie a claim from your homeowners policy, as they could potentially pay for the damages.

Natural Disaster

The typical home insurance will cover the cost of garage door repair in instances of severe weather, lightning storm, and extreme winds. But you have to check if you need additional coverage for things like floods, tornadoes, wildfires, or earthquakes.

The best thing is to add extra coverage if you reside in an area where such natural calamities happen more frequently.

Fire Damage

House fires are usually covered by home insurances, and that includes all garage door repair or replacement your home will need should this unfortunate event happen.

Do keep in mind that fire is different from wildfires – the latter is considered a natural disaster that a standard policy may not cover. Check with your provider about this info just to be sure.

What's Not Covered By Home Insurance?

So we’ve answered your questions, “Does home insurance cover garage doors?” but of course, there will be garage door repairs that won’t be under your home policy.

One example is the usual wear and tear that your dogs will undergo as years go. If your garage door opener gives out or the springs need to be replaced after a few years, your home insurance will not cover these costs. You will have to invest in regular garage door maintenance to make sure your garage doors function longer.

Another type of garage door repair not covered by insurance is if the damage is intentional – insurance investigators will usually verify how the damage was bought about. They will examine video and photo evidence. If a homeowner tries to claim that intentional damage is accidental, and it comes to light that this is untrue, this is a sever offense that could result in fines and even jail time.

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When accidents or natural disaster strike, it pays to have comprehensive home insurance to cover your garage door repairs. The investment is worth it when you won’t have to break the bank should any major change happen on your doors.

Once you have good home insurance, it’s time to get the best garage door team. Here at Seacrest Garage Doors Co. we can provide professional advice as well as garage door service depending on what you need. We have decades of experience assisting customers with garage door repairs and garage door maintenance. Call us to learn more about our services.